Start Validating bookmark values word 2016

Validating bookmark values word 2016

Unlike a drop-down list, the combo box enables users to add their own items.

I want to make Word prompt the user for a value and set it as a value for myproperty. I suppose it might be possible using Visual Basic too.

I know I can prompt using the FILLIN command, but I don't know how to pass the value to myproperty. Regards, naroslife In order for user input in the document to update a document property the Custom Document Property must be created using VBA and linked to a bookmark.

You can use regional calendars and different date formats.

For more information, see the Date Picker Content Control type.

I created a template with a custom document property called "myproperty".

I can access this using fields with the DOCPROPERTY "myproperty" command.

Content controls also help you do the following: In document-level projects, you can add content controls to your document at design time or at run time.

In VSTO Add-in projects, you can add content controls to any open document at run time.

So your only option would be to use code, such as VBA.

A very simple approach would be to display an Input Box then write the result to the property.

You can also set properties of the control to set the regional calendar that is displayed and to specify the date format.