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And 13 levels of intense network play may cause you to wet yourself. From the motherboard to the monitor, we’ii show you how to bring together the greatest tech- noiogy to buiid your own dream machine. ► t Oulstandjng: | The rare game j that gets it all j right.

So what’s he doing cowering behind that bombed-out farmhouse? That’s what you should expect if you order him to do something crazy. So there’s no time to thumb through the manual., You work your mouse like a weapon. the shooting starts the second your men step off Omaha Beach and it don’t let up ’til they’ve taken Saint - L6. Or you m»y contact us via; Phone:(415)357-4900 Editorial Fax: (415) 357-4977 Compu Serve: (76703,622) America On-Line: CGW inlerne L 76703.622®compu Kfvecom Web site: htlp://wv Av.2d.coni/gaming ADVERTISIN6 SALES Associate Publisher Lee Unlacke (415)357-4915 East Coast District Sates Manager Laura Salerno (212)503-4851 East Coast Sales Assistant Audrey De Jesus (212) 503-3926 Northwest Territory Sales Manager Cathy Conway (415)357-4925 Southwest Territory Sates Manager Pat Walsh (714)851-2556 Senior Account Executive Marci iftmaguchi (415)357-4920 Advertising Coordinator Linda Phllapii (415)357-4930 Sales Assistant Linda Fan (415)357-5425 money order drawn upon a U. You just need a CD-ROM drive and a desire to have a ball.

You give him an order and he figures out the best way to get the job done. Wanna go head to head with other military geniuses? com/games/kickbutt/ Microsoft Where do you want to go today? 1s a t.radefnark of Hi c'-oso ft Corporation, Mac i s. Martin Walthall Electronic Prepress Michele l^llogg Tami Gargus HOW TO CONTACT THE EDITORS Address questions and teedback to C6 Ediioriat, 135 Main St., 14th Fioor, San Francisco, CA 94105. You don’t have to be a sports fanatic to play, either.

Take pleasure in 28 game levels that will churn your brain into foamy gray froth. Circle Reader Service #75 THS Uk HMATE GAME MACHINE N ext month we'll take you behind the scenes fora Jedi warrior's view of three hot new Star Wars games: Rebellion, a real-time strategy com- bat game; Jedi Knight, the incredi- ble action sequei to Dark Forces; and X-Wi NG vs Tie Fighter.