Start Auburn consolidated liquidating

Auburn consolidated liquidating

The Consolidated Plan Annual Action Plan outlines the human service strategies the City is currently trying to accomplish.

The monthly financial statements are all available here, but most people don't go looking through the NWTM documents section of my site.

To make it easier, you can download the compilation of "Significant Event" and "Case Progress" reports. It shows (p44) that as of December 1, 2017 there were 114 full time employees, with no part time employees.

That was the first business day in the week that employees were asked to take off (originally with pay, then using vacation time). Calvert expects to "close down" the company by the end of February. Calvert states "While the Trustee believed in the potential of the company, the deterioration in the monthly sales while in bankruptcy resulted in insufficient cash flow to remain a going concern." Monthly sales clearly fell within 2-3 months after the bankruptcy. However, June-July, 2016 sales averaged $1.06M (the 2nd half of 2016 averaged a similar $1.08M), while sales for 2017 averaged $966K (including the partial December month), just 10.6% less than the 2nd half of 2016.

I'm not an accountant, but I have trouble understanding that explanation, given that the monthly sales deteriorated within the first 3 months after the bankruptcy.

The complaints range from a number of creditors who filed invalid complaints (in response to getting notice of this motion in the mail, they wrote the same letter they would have written in response to *any* court letter, about being upset about the bankruptcy), to Ross Hansen objecting that some of the property belongs to Medallic Art Limited Partnership.

There are also several creditors who are objecting to their dies being purchased by another company (NWTM's policy seems to be that NWTM owns the dies, although there appear to be a number of cases where customers either paid extra to own the dies or were promised that the dies belonged to them). So this should be a very, very interesting hearing.

Human services providers were able to submit one application to any of the 18 cities online using the Share1app Website.

The new Web-based site is a complete grant management system that allows common reporting, contract management and data collection.

Orders adopted on or after July 1, 2002 are listed below, arranged alphabetical by County and Discharger/Facility Name, and then by reverse chronological order.

Orders adopted prior to July 1, 2002, may be obtained from the appropriate Regional Water Board office.

The City of Auburn's mission with regards to human services is to reduce the number of people who are living in poverty.