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I used to mail to Canada for about the same price as across the street, but now it costs over $6.50 US to mail to Canada, and Europe has jumped up too. This means that Pay Pal is definitely the easiest and cheapest way to pay.

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Print it and send it in with your check or money order. Postage has gone up and so has the cost of envelopes. You can also use the paper order page, but because of the cost of cashing non-U. checks, shipping and handling is $8.00 for foreign orders that pay with a check. Check the exchange rate at com Questions/Comments/Dealer Inquiries: Email me at: [email protected]

The new cams are just a little different, and a lot better. They are engineered to stay aligned better, so they are less likely to get misaligned and damaged under the G-Carriage. I am sorry to say that after many years of free shipping, I had to either raise the price of the cams, or start charging for shipping. Click on the button and you can sign up and order immediately. So, as much as I hate to charge this much, I have had to raise the price of international shipping to $5.00 US. It is much faster than mailing a check and cheaper than a wire order. It will automatically add the $5.00 S H charge to your order.

Finalità del Servizio è favorire lo sviluppo dell’autonomia in vista del raggiungimento dell’età adulta.

Ulteriori informazioni sono disponibili nella pagina del Bed&Breakfast Protetto®.

Per questo motivo il CAM ha sviluppato servizi che possano sostenere loro e tutte le persone che li affiancano nel cammino di crescita, come le famiglie affidatarie, gli operatori e le scuole.

L’affido è un gesto concreto ed efficace per aiutare un minore la cui famiglia si trovi in difficoltà.

Consiste nell’accoglierlo nella propria casa, accompagnando la sua crescita per un periodo più o meno lungo.

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