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It includes all sorts of the praises, be they with tongue of heart i.e.

“Those who believe, and whose hearts find comfort in the remembrance of Allah!

” Behold in the Remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction.” (13-28) “O ye who believe let not your riches or your children divert you from the Remembrance of Allah if any act thus, the loss is their own.” (63:9) “Then do ye remember Me I will remember you.” (2-152) “Men whom neither traffic nor merchandise can divert from Remembrance of Allah nor from regular Salaat, nor from regular practice of Zakaat.” (24-37) “He who turns away from the remembrance of His Lord He will cause him to undergo a severe Penalty.” (72-17) What Ahadith Say About Dhikr-Allah Hadith Qudsi, “Those that remember Me in their heart, I remember them in My heart; and those that remember Me in a gathering (i.e. make mention of them) in a gathering better than theirs.” Dhikr in a gathering can only be done aloud and in unison.

Let not your wealth and your children distract you from rembracne of Allah.

(63:9) Thus whoever observes the commandments of Allah applicable to any given time under all circumstances and observe his responsibilities toward his family and in other worldly affairs like buying and selling, carries out the Dhikr of Allah even while engages in them.

Indeed, the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alahi wasallam) said that the People of Paradise will only regret one thing: not having made enough dhikr in the world!

Are not those who are making up reasons to discourage others from making dhikr afraid of Allah Ta’ala in this tremendous matter?

The more we remember Him the more benefited we are.