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The Terms & Conditions included text stating, 'which will be shared accommodation'.

Welch and George, who live together and are believed to be dating, initially allowed the woman to stay in their home.

But she was eventually moved to a nearby shed after she could not afford to pay the rent that the suspects' demanded, the sheriff's office said.

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George was ordered held on a $75,000 bond during arraignment today. “Parents are urged to monitor their children’s social media accounts and look into those people who associate with your children," he said.

Go Provence said that they had been willing to accommodate the competition winner's additional needs, which included accessible accommodation, but that due to the increase in costs the competition winner decided it was better for the competition to be redrawn.

The firm also stated that if a wheelchair user wished to go on holiday with the company, they would have tried to find suitable accommodation for them and that this may have been shared.

The victim wasn't allowed in the home to use the restroom or shower.