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Star jones dating rumors

The tabloid first cited a source who claimed that Antonoff had moved on with a “musician,” but it later removed that detail, reporting that Antonoff was simply dating “someone else.” may have deleted the line because it was wrong,” he wrote, but “it’s more likely that the item instead revealed a little too much, and pressure was applied to cull it.” So is the mysteriously deleted musician Lorde? Whatever happens, Taylor Swift’s squad meetings are about to get a lot more complicated. so happy to know you and annoy you daily and so thankful to be in a long creative conversation with you about what it means to be alive.

That would be Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and racing legend Danica Patrick.

Jost was most notably linked with actress Rashida Jones (the internet seems to be a bit murky on this relationship but suspects it was sometime around 2013).

(Click here for theories.) Unlike ice-cold Betty Draper, Jones lives life on her own terms, never apologizing or explaining anything. “Page Six” exclusively reported last night that Jones is seeing Nick Viall, a 37-year-old former software salesman who has appeared on appearance, Viall “asked her out to a drink and she accepted.

Ch-ch-check out the AH-Mazing moment as they catch up with Barbara as she ends her 18 years on (today is her 2nd to last day), all her former co-hosts are coming back to say their own goodbyes. Kim Cattrall is dealing a shocking, sad, and unexpected tragedy in the death of her brother, as we've been reporting, but early Saturday morning those events of the past week tied right back into her ongoing feud with former co-star Sarah Jessica Parker... Related: SJP Tries To Explain Why She Reached Out...

And those former co-hosts include Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Star Jones, and Rosie O'Donnell! If you'll recall, things were often tense between Elisabeth and Rosie as well as Star and Rosie. A few hours ago, Kim posted a picture and a message to her Instagram account that hit back at SJP after Parker had offered her condolences to the Cattrall family over the death of Kim's brother Chris a week ago.

so many memories all over the world in studios and restaurants and at concerts, laughing, crying (me), drinking all of the juices and occasionally disgusting you by walking barefoot through brooklyn..

you make a killer soft boiled egg and you're so fucking patient and i love all of your weird outfit/haircut/beard phases!!!!

Shortly thereafter, Aaron broke up with his longtime girlfriend, Olivia Munn.