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Who is dating sean william scott

PHOTOS: Hollywood's broken engagements "They remain friends," a source tells Us of the breakup.

We imagine the rather fishy smelling item—there is no LA gay bar called Heat, to our knowledge—was most probably planted by someone looking to stir up trouble, and reported without checking the facts. ) Then again, perhaps we've just become far too skeptical, and Geffen has indeed managed to woo the actor with expensive gifts and promises to finance Scott's very own Dream Works shingle.

I got lucky, got a manager and that was that." But hang on, because he definitely wasn't an overnight success.

Though he'd landed a few forgettable roles at this point, including as an extra in Aerosmith's "Hole In My Soul" music video, Scott was still searching for his big break in 1998. After a group of what he describes as "gangsters" took the only cash he had on him, $1.25, as well as the shirt literally off his back, Scott said it only got worse from there.

"I always anticipated having a career in sports, but movies were my passion," he explained.