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Sirjan: The White House shows fake sympathy toward Iranian people while confiscating their assets and even preventing their access to medicine for years.

The execution of Iranian Web programmer Saeed Malekpour may be imminent.

Several human rights organizations, Canadian parliamentary officials, and the cyber community have spoken out against Iran's decision to execute Malekpour.

There are those who still amuse themselves these days by trying to renew attacks against Israel.

It has beefed up its forces along the border in preparation for the possibility that Islamic Jihad might try to carry out an attack to avenge Israels destruction of a cross-border attack tunnel two weeks ago, in which at least 12 of the groups operatives were killed.

On Saturday, the army coordinator of government activities in the territories, Maj. Yoav Mordechai, warned that Islamic Jihad was playing with fire by planning a revenge attack.

Malekpour, 35, was a permanent resident of Canada when he was arrested during a visit to Iran in October 2008.