Start Rowupdating command argument

Rowupdating command argument

Luckily, Npgsql wasn't hit by this since we don't apply casts on parameter value writing for the Int32 type. Do you think it might be a good option to hook in the Npgsql Data Adapter. Then Db Command Builder will later run its Row Updating Handler that recreates all parameters. The first problem "Invalid Cast Exception" was fixed by either one of workarounds. For some reasons we can not use the second workaround. Set All Values property to true works but I think this is not an real option.

Therefore, it recreates the update command automatically in the background into: UPDATE "testdb"."public"."adaptertest2" SET "field_int4" = @p1 WHERE (("field_pk" = @p2) AND ((@p3 = 1 AND "field_int4" IS NULL) OR ("field_int4" = @p4)) AND ((@p5 = 1 AND "field_timestamptz" IS NULL) OR ("field_timestamptz" = @p6)) AND ((@p7 = 1 AND "field_json" IS NULL) OR ("field_json" = @p8))) BUT, since they who wrote ADO.

NET is "smart" and wants to optimize the query so only the updated value is sent to the database.

It is not possible to reuse or partially reuse the 2.1.3 method in new versions? That's a good solution to the Json equality problem, and it also corresponds with a flag we already have on type handlers that expresses that the value is long/arbitrary length. I have post new pr #594 It allows to assign new value of another type. Hi, I'm using Postgre SQL 9.5, Npgsql 3.1.7, mono 4.4.0.

I am referring to #402 that seems the same problem like this. Am closing this but feel free to continue posting and discussing. Update on Data Table throws Invalid Cast Exception" If I modify any row in tadatable, Npgsql Data Adapter.

Exception: Thrown: "Die angegebene Umwandlung ist ungültig." (System. Invalid Cast Exception was thrown: "Die angegebene Umwandlung ist ungültig." Time: Thread:[5084] In the exception itself: When I use your example an exception on Date Time is thrown: An unhandled exception of type 'System. Additional information: Type of value has a mismatch with column type Couldn't store @digital-void, I'm using 2.2.0, which is the latest. Just to be absolutely sure, I created this failed repro commit on top of 2.2.0, with the timestamp_with_timezone column. Can you please try to run this specific unit test (not within your program) and confirm that on your setup produces an exception?

If you need help compiling/running with NUnit let me know.

Specifying a json or xml field as part of the table indeed triggers an error, but it's a backend 42804 error because npgsql sends values as text. However, it doesn't look like what you got, and moreover I can see no issue when inserting timestamps (with timezone or otherwise). Sorry that it took some time to write back - my internet connection was (is) down - I've got to work via mobile...