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Who is dappy dating 2016

At one point there were three or four armed policemen standing at the door with one of them shouting instructions through the open door.

I've been writing, I've got an album there waiting for us to sing," he continued.

"It's gonna be very adult, the lyrics are gonna be very honest and it's not gonna be how we were back in the day when we would argue on tracks," he went on."We're gonna touch a lot of souls and a lot of hearts.

It's coming."Ultimately Dappy said he wanted his music to provide listeners with a pick-me-up during difficult times.

A follow-up report by contestant is currently being questioned on suspicion of actual bodily harm and possession of an offensive weapon. "A 29-year-old man was arrested in the local area around 6pm on suspicion of assault ABH and possession of an offensive weapon in a public place. He remains in custody at this time.” Another onlooker told the BBC: "There was an incident, a guy and a woman. I got that information from one of the students involved in it - he was standing outside and he explained what had happened.

Hertfordshire Police said: "The man threatened the woman before leaving the scene. "Ten police cars turned up outside and they were out there for getting on a hour.

As to when we can expect to hear it, he said a date had yet to be pinned down yet, but he hoped to be able to release music as a soloist and as part of the group at the same time."The thing is timing is everything.

If we're gonna come back we're gonna be the new, bigger and better Black Eyed Peas version," he added."It's not gonna be N-Dubz kids or teenage music.

He’s now set to take his new music on tour, to promote his upcoming second album.