Start Tribal wars auto updating maps

Tribal wars auto updating maps

Traders will restock items periodically so check back often.

Please check if you can clip terrain and look for z-fighting on road decor and distant terrain water in random gen Slight audio pitch shift difference between entities and player a tiny random shift for variation Audio Source footsteps adjusted for better spacial awareness and close range zombies Audio Source_Creatures tweak for better distance differences Impact audio sources updated for better distances Prop shaders spec updated to match Unity standard better lighting Damaged wood spikes only need to be repaired once Zombie cops have a vulnerability Increased hit points of vending machines Fixes Remove Player Spawns in the Wasteland Duplicate any item in zombie corpse When new players join a dedi the gamestage recalculates, gives only 1 zed each Area protected by invisible land claim block Viewing the map preview tool after creating a save game causes issues Drowning Sounds Missing Viewing the map preview tool after creating a save game causes issues Weapon attached flashlights project a wrong shadow of part of the gun Ammo amount indicator does not appear after respawning while wielding a weapon.

Journal Tip System A new journal tip system has been added to the main in game menu signified by a pen icon.

The system writes all old tips and has over 20 new conditionally based in-game tips that pop out with a right screen notification.

XInput spam on some dedicated servers Spending Skill Points Journal Entry added only after completing Basic Survival Quest.

Zombiespawn is triggered in owned POI by players w/o bedroll in it Crafting queue does not advance after slot is cancelled Dupe assembly items with sorting button.

Invest in the Barter skill and Secret the Stash perk to get better deals and see better items with traders.

We also added a new White River Citizen quest to find Trader Outposts.

Gravel paths (to ore veins) do not show in the snow biome.