Start Yifei dating

Yifei dating

He said: "When I met her, we clicked and just naturally got together.

In 1954, the canal was filled in and the former canal basin became a busy transport interchange.

The shikumen complex was named "Zhicheng Fang", where "Zhicheng" meant "realisation of ambition" while "Fang" meant "neighbourhood" and was a common suffix for shikumen estates.

Today's Tianzi Fang precinct covers not only the former Zhicheng Fang, but also other adjoining houses, apartments and industrial buildings of various styles.

The actor, who is known for his roles in popular Channel 8 dramas such as long-form sitcom 118 (2014) and nursing series You Can Be An Angel 2 (2016), intends to continue to live and work in Singapore.

He said: "We'll be travelling all over - the world is very small.

Xu said: "We rode a yacht out from Sentosa, and Kimberly really helped, buying balloons and decorating the yacht for us. I am really grateful to her." He first announced news of his wedding on Monday night (Oct 9), in an Instagram post.

Many fans and netizens alike were sceptical and wondered if it was a publicity stunt. I'm really getting married," he said with a chuckle.

Still, her academic background was what helped link the couple together, Xu said.