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Meet black israelites dating

The Holy Land in the Modern Day Enoch & The Watchers The Table of Nations Palestine Abraham's Journey to Canaan Early Canaan Jacob & Esau Old Testament Map of the Negev - Home of Abraham The Land of the Patriarchs - An excellent site for Old Testament & Bible Study Scholars have sought for centuries to locate the Garden of Eden.

Interestingly, the river bed detected through new satellite imagery ran through an ancient site known as Mahd adh Dhahab.

This ancient mine was one of antiquity's most well known and profitable gold mines.

Genesis 2 provides the first Old Testament map of the Bible.

It is the first geographical reference in the history of man.

King Solomon is believed to have obtained his gold from this mine.

The massive amount of gold mined from this area is staggering. Could the dried up river bed be the ancient remains of the River Pishon?

Thus a new king was to be anointed, and God had chosen His servant David. Earlier he had condemned Saul per God's instruction.

Saul had been rejected, and thus David's rise to the throne was ordained by Yahweh making David the righteous and chosen king.

The Bible is giving a description of where the Garden of Eden was.

Thus, the first Old Testament map is that of Eden, and for centuries scholars have sought to draw that map.

Though this cannot be verified to any degree of certainty, it is interesting to note that geologists and scholars have concluded the Persian Gulf was at one time a dry river bed.