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Snooki heat dating

While Pauly D and Vinny were practically reformed men of monogamy by the end of Jersey Shore's second season, The Sitch stayed true to form in Miami.

Angelina Can't Take the Miami Heat If Angelina Pivarnick—the bartender who said she did "great things"—couldn't handle the heat on the first season at the Jersey Shore, it's unclear why she thought Miami would be any different.

The Kim Kardashian of Staten Island—as she referred to herself—shocked the roommates by returning for Season 2 in Miami, despite leaving Seaside Heights early in Season 1.

No, really: she made her debut for TNA in 2011 (she's also a big WWE fan).

She now works as an EMT (ie paramedic) for the New York Fire Department., which followed him as he travelled around America spinning his discs, as the young people say.

Pauly D Quits Creepin' If Vinny was surprised by his own romantic urges, then DJ Pauly Delvecchio must have been shocked when he also wanted more than roll around in the designated smush room.

Normally Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's go-to guy when it came time to creep in the club, Pauly D changed his tune upon meeting Rocio.

The Rhode Island spinmaster went so far as to confess his unusual motives, saying, "I like to have a girlfriend." Famous last words?

Sammi and Ronnie "Do" Them Sammi and Ronnie's relationship was the cause of much chagrin among the roommates.

Deena, an equally tan and tiny guidette, is one of the only Jersey Shore cast members actually indigenous to New Jersey (besides Sammi), and given her announcement that "party two's here," it sounds like she'll feel right at home in Seaside Heights.

, the hard-partying costars joked about the previous hookups — including the ones that they had with each other while filming the hit reality series. ” Jenni “JWoww” Farley asks the guys in the clip first shared by E!

“You get tired of that one night and the multiple womens or the threesomes or the foursomes or whatever,” Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino answers.