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Elite Society is an exclusive private membership introduction service in London, Dubai and worldwide.

That’s what Elite Society is all about and that is all we do.

I dont think my sense of humour is bad, I wrote some catch lines, I presented the conversation well, gift wrapped it in nice words and colorful tones..still no reply??

Johnny Cassell is a leading human behaviourist and dating specialist who has been actively improving his dating and social skills since 2005.

While I tend to put on a cynical front, the truth is I’m a romantic at heart.

I like to believe that all of us can have our happy ending, but some of the horror stories I’ve heard from dating in Dubai are enough to put anyone off men for life.

You also need to know if they can actively “help” you achieve your dreams no matter what your background or current circumstances.

Johnny has worked personally with men of all backgrounds ranging from company directors, playboys, students, celebrities and psychology lecturers.

Thankfully, I didn’t.“It’s impossible to find a man who wants a long-term, committed relationship in Dubai,” says Anne Martin, a 32-year-old British personal trainer.