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Good vaginal tone is often a concern to many women and men alike. The vagina is affected by hormonal factors (that maintain the inner tissues of the vagina and the external glands), as well as the tone of the PC muscles that are responsible for holding urine and contracting rhythmically during orgasm.

The Brazilian beauty shared some of her own photos to Instagram on Saturday showing off the stunning scenery as well as generous glimpses of her curves. Down by the sea' the leggy beauty wrote alongside a photo of herself wearing a white one-piece and purple floral crown as she strolled into the sea.

Alessandra retired from the coveted Victoria's Secret Fashion Show catwalk this year after more than one decade of walking down the famous runway.

For example, the description of the soldiers’ weapons in the first section—with the company of infantrymen holding their guns at “parade rest” with the butts to the ground and the commanding officer standing with the point of his sword also to the ground—stands in stark contrast to the rounds fired and volley of shots lobbied at Farquhar during his imagined escape.

The weapons are in truth merely ceremonial and harmless, and Farquhar is and remains in the company’s custody throughout.

That's why we turned in New York to create a comprehensive guide on what blondes work best for different skin tones so you know exactly what shade to ask for at the salon, or which boxed-dye to pick up in the beauty aisle.

Bierce uses subtle instances of foreshadowing in “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” to gesture to the gap between reality and illusion that widens throughout the story.

This contraction improves the tone of the PC muscles, but can also be pleasurable at the same time.

Many women also like this ingenious design because the inner vibration is more stimulating than just the weighted ball.

Bierce’s story hinges heavily on the unexpected final revelation—that Farquhar, far from escaping, has actually been hanged.

Although Bierce intends the unexpected ending to startle the readers’ assumptions, he peppers his story with various clues to signal in advance the unreliable and completely fantastical nature of the concluding section.

To separate his authorial voice from Farquhar’s thoughts and signal the unreliable nature of Farquhar’s sensory impressions, Bierce qualifies Farquhar’s perceptions, describing how things “seem” to him as opposed to how, in reality, they truly are.