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Tim Kelly rescued a South American shaman and was given a jewel called the Eye of Zoltec, also known as the Eye of Everlasting Life, which granted him invulnerability.

A number of characters from UK comics appear in Albion, some are prisoners, others prison guards, others are at large include: A huge and muscular World War II hero who is the final line of defence in the government prison.

He has an old-fashioned style about him; he uses quaint phrases ("The whole ruddy lot of us", "I could do with forty winks", etc.) and is casually racist.

Initially solicited release between October 2005 and January 2006, issues 4–6 were subsequently resolicited, and finally released throughout 2006, with cover dates between June and November. 6 was released in both the US and UK, from Wild Storm and Titan Books respectively.

The story revolves around a modern-day Britain where comic book characters have turned out to really exist.

The Cloak was a mysterious noseless and bulgy-eyed black-caped secret agent who admired The Shadow and was a self-taught expert at sorcery.

Despite his service to his country he was arrested and placed in the government prison along with all the others.

Cursitor Doom is an intense-eyed, shaven-headed psychic investigator and seemingly immortal sorcerer cursed to remain forever within the walls of his isolated castle who has been in a coma for the past “twenty-something years”, a condition which has allowed the government to convert his ancient home into a prison.

Eric Dolmann is a master inventor and robotics expert, he has created a range of doll-like robots to fight crime.

Johnny Small obtained three amazing superpowers from Professor Meek's ray: super-sight, super-speed, and super-strength.

He was a prisoner until The Spider encouraged him to attempt an escape with Rubberman, and he was killed during the attempt.

Crandall has the ability to turn invisible by directing an electrical shock through his artificial right hand, causing him to vanish completely save for the metal prosthesis itself which seems to eerily float in the air.