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Lesbian or bi dating tips

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As a queer lady myself, I’ve had lots of conversations about virginity and sex and what counts as “losing it.” I also have a couple of degrees in LGBT studies and gender studies, which means I’ve got a whole lot of experience talking about situations impacting queer people. But I’m curious, if I had sex with another girl, for example: oral sex, would that count as losing my virginity? And it’s all on your own terms, which is pretty cool.

Maybe your partner will want to stay away from anything physical until marriage.

Or maybe they don’t even believe in the concept of virginity.

There’s just one problem: I can’t exactly tell you what counts as virginity, much less losing it. Let me explain: Most people would probably say a loss of virginity happens when a penis enters a vagina, breaking a vagina owner’s hymen. A lot of times, the hymen doesn’t break when queer ladies have sex, which is not something is worry about.