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Flirt with granny

So while the other girls were blossoming and growing into their bodies, I was the dork in the corner with the unibrow and granny panties.

One day, ten years into the curse, Ruby spends the morning sleeping off a hangover, causing her to miss work that afternoon, which leaves Granny to do her granddaughter's job of putting out the diner sign.

I'd gotten down to my underwear and Steve Madden platform shoes when the appointed lookout screamed that a chaperone was coming. Thankfully, by the time my peers had grown tired of the person I'd become, I was off to college.

The people I'm close to now — my friends, coworkers, grad school professors, even my editors — know me as I have grown to know myself: as a harmless flirt.

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()Being myself was something I could never do and I repressed that girl, purging her from existence.

Who I have become, and the only me everyone knows, is Jenn the Flirt.