Start Updating home wiring

Updating home wiring

For instance, I put the starter on a relay, and the ac relay from the center will also be used.

So by wiring this way, I will essentially be bypassing the fan controller so that the ac system can just run the one fan when it calls for cooling, is that correct?

So then, where will the GREEN ac clutch wire from the fan controller tie in? Here's a few pics, the computer isn't mounted yet, it will mount inside the glove box after I finish with the VA install.

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The funny thing is I've changed a lot of the wiring on this rig, including doing a Mega Squirt install and I've not had too much trouble with wiring until now. Think of the A/C and the fan control as TWO separate systems. Typically the OEM's wire the fans so that ONE fan runs whenever the A/C is on.

It seems like this should be simple, but I just don't get it. So I would wire in the fan control to use BOTH fans when your engine/temp switch says it's needs to be cooled. Thanks for helping C-10, I think I understand most of what you're telling me, just a little more clarification if you don't mind.

This would allow the single fan to run whenever the A/C is on AND whenever the fan control deems it necessary to have a single fan on.